Exchange 2010: Forward e-mail to one account to multiple recipients

Here is the process to have an e-mail address forward to multiple Exchange e-mail users in Exchange 2010:

This is all done in the Exchange Management Console:
Recipient Config > Right Click Distribution Group > New Distribution Group > New > Distribution > Put in the OU of your choosing > Descriptive Name > put same Discriptive name under Alias

Once the group is set up:

Right click group, go to properties

Members tab: Add the users to whom you wish to have mail forwarded

Mail Flow Settings tab: Double-click Message Delivery Restrictions

UNcheck the box “Require that all senders are authenticated”

Otherwise, only INTERNAL email sent to that address will forward, but not external email will.

Then go to the mailbox of the account you want forwarded to multiple people.

Right-click the box, > Properties > Mail Flow Settings > Delivery Options and choose Forward and add this dist group.